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April 9: Retirement Success 101 – Opportunities in Wealth Management


We hold virtual and in-person financial planning and wealth management events throughout the year to share research and improve professional opportunities for all genders, races, and cultures.

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Understanding the importance of diversity in both the workplace and in the classroom, our Partner Universities are helping to nurture a more inclusive future.


Our unsung heroes are the reason we are able to make Diversitas happen. These financial experts are leading the charge for representation in the industry.

About Diversitas

Diversitas aims to make the financial planning profession and the wealth management industry more inclusive through education, mentorship, and human connection. We seek to expand the participation of underrepresented groups in the profession and the industry by mitigating the leading barriers to entry – a lack of education, understanding and awareness.

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Just like building a house, building diversity in the financial planning and wealth management industry requires a strong foundation. Learn More


Creating real change takes leaders who are willing to put in the hard work. Learn More

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The resource library includes videos, articles, and research. Enjoy these complimentary resources by submitting your contact information.

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