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Celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month

October is Global Diversity Awareness Month, making it the perfect time to celebrate other cultures. Diversitas’ mission is to build professional hope for young people and career changers in an industry that is working diligently to be fully inclusive.

Diversity has become more critical in recent years, and many employers have prioritized inclusion. However, diversity among corporate-level employees or board members is still lacking, even in the largest U.S. banks and financial institutions.

Global Diversity Awareness Month is a reminder to embrace different cultures and perspectives, which lend themselves to a richer experience overall.

What is Global Diversity Awareness Month About?

The United Nations General Assembly adopted The Universal Declaration of Human Rights after World War II. This was the first global acknowledgment that each human being is entitled to rights no matter their race, gender, sex, country of origin, language, or nationality.

In 1972, Congress passed the Equal Employment Opportunity Act, which allows for litigation against employment discrimination. In 2004, the U.S. started issuing marriage licenses for same-sex couples. Same-sex marriage was legalized in 2015.

The exact origins of Global Diversity Awareness Month are unclear, but it serves as a time to celebrate other cultures.

How can you celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month?

No matter where you are or your background, you can celebrate Global Diversity Awareness Month.

Here are a few ways to embrace other cultures this month (and always):

  • Travel to a new place
  • Learn about different cultures via movies, books, music, food, and art
  • Support minority-owned businesses
  • Stay informed on global news and events
  • Connect with someone from another culture
  • Continue to respect people of all origins and ethnicities
  • Be an ally

Global diversity and wealth management

Since 2016, Diversitas has hosted an annual financial knowledge symposium that connects financial planning and wealth management leaders with career influencers and students exploring the industry.

We have also hosted numerous events throughout the year to help educate and spread awareness on inclusion in wealth management.

Diversitas events give those who are underrepresented in the financial planning profession a better understanding of the great opportunities in the industry and a platform to have thoughtful discussions about how we can build a more diverse tomorrow. For more information about Diversitas and our upcoming events, click here.