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Q&A with Aaron Ervin, Nationwide – Financial Alliance for Racial Equity

We sat down with Aaron Ervin from Nationwide Financial to pick his brain on the state of the financial services industry. Where are we now? Where are we headed? Who will lead us into the future? Aaron offers his insights on some of the burning questions facing the industry.

Nationwide is a member of the Financial Alliance for Racial Equity (FARE), which is sponsoring the upcoming Diversitas Symposium. FARE is a unique partnership of HBCUs and financial services organizations seeking to build sustainable economic wealth in diverse communities and increase the number of Black advisors and financial professionals through expanded research, increased training, and mentorship opportunities.

The virtual Diversitas Symposium is taking place Wednesday, November 3rd, 2021 and is free to attend. Speakers will dive into the future of the industry and opportunities for young professionals looking to succeed in financial services. Register to attend here.

What would you say to anyone looking to get into the wealth management industry?

From the perspective of a recent college graduate, I would say research various companies in the industry and make note of what roles and functions you see frequently. Take some time to think about these things and see how they suite your interests and strengths.

What advice would you give students looking for internships in the field, and how should they maximize their time during those internships?

Take advantage of whatever seminars and symposiums your school offers. Whether that be interview or career fair prep, being involved with your school’s department helps one to pick up on some new tools and establish relationships with companies and firms that frequently visit.

During internships, students should branch out to different parts of the company they are with to make more meaningful relationships. Students should also look for a summer mentor and work to keep that relationship in place beyond the program.

How do you suggest young professionals find mentors, and how should they leverage that relationship to their advantage?

Internships, clubs, and school advisors are great places to find mentors. One can use the relationships to discover opportunities, resume and application review, and to help build a career development plan.

Did you consider entering the wealth management industry when you were a student? Why or why not?

I did. I found the idea of being in an advisor role. For me, it seemed interesting being able to see different goals people and organizations set for themselves and how they wanted to get there.

If you could go back to your Junior or Senior year of college knowing what you know now, how would you change your approach to job hunting?

I was pleased with my job hunting process. I had a list of companies that I was interested in and had them in order as well. I do believe that it is critical that one really research what role they are vying for and take a look at company culture and values as well.

Aaron Ervin earned his B.S. in Business Management and minor in Leadership Studies from Hampton University in 2021. Aaron currently works at Nationwide Financial as a Financial Analyst on the Asset Consolidation Team in the Retirement Resource Group. In September 2021, he passed the Securities Industrials Essentials exam (SIE) and the Series 6 Top Off. In his spare time, Aaron enjoys playing frisbee, reading, and spending time with family, friends, and his dog.

The Financial Alliance for Racial Equity (FARE) consortium is comprised of leading companies in the financial services industry. In addition to Nationwide Financial, FARE is led by Franklin Templeton, M Financial and NFP.