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Symposium Spotlight: Q&A with Kristen Nelson, a relationship manager at Capital Group

Kristen Nelson, a relationship manager at Capital Group

This year’s Symposium is only a couple of weeks away! Recently, we had the opportunity to chat with Kristen Nelson, a relationship manager at Capital Group. At this year’s Symposium, Kristen is the moderator of the panel, Beyond Math and Sales: Breadth of Roles in Financial Advising. Kristen is excited to share her experience in wealth management and how skill sets of all kinds can find their perfect career in this field.

Don’t forget to save the date for the upcoming Symposium on Thursday, February 8. Immerse yourself in this unique event, available both in a virtual setting and in person at The University of Akron’s Student Union Ballroom. Virtual attendees can join the excitement starting at noon and continuing until 3:30 pm ET, while those attending in person can kick off the proceedings at 11:30 am ET. Whether you prefer the virtual experience or the in-person vibe, get ready for a lively celebration that highlights diverse talents and promising opportunities in the dynamic field of wealth management. Secure your spot by registering now – it’s free!

What characteristics or traits do you commonly see among successful professionals in financial planning?

I see successful financial planning professionals exhibit a level of curiosity that extends in each interaction they have with peers, leadership, mentors, advocates, and really every interaction. They face a problem or a success with what I have learned or what I can learn from this. I also see grit and determination to continue even in the face of adversity. To stand up and be the first to volunteer for a new project. They see this as an opportunity to learn and grow. Finally, I see the most successful being true team players. One person is not stronger than a whole team, collaboration amongst others is always key. This was the hardest for me to learn, and I’m still learning to be a great collaborator. When in college, I ensured I chose the same partners in all my business classes because I knew they would give me 100% control to do the entire project, finish on time, and get an A. What I didn’t learn was how to collaborate, learn from their different backgrounds, and make the output even better while learning along the way.

How did you get into the wealth management industry? What first attracted you to the space, and why have I stayed?

I started in the Financial Services industry while I was in college. I used my parents’ friends network to get an introduction to a local advisor who needed part-time help to answer phones and fill out applications. I honestly didn’t know what I wanted to do with my business degree, but my professors kept telling me to get experience. So I thought working in a financial professional office would do that for me. I was a sponge. Trying to learn anything and everything there was to learn. As soon as I was done with one project, I volunteered for something else. Quickly, even before I graduated from college, the advisor asked me to get licensed to sell life insurance and then eventually securities licensed to sell retirement plans. I had the grit, hustle, and desire to want to learn more. I loved interacting with people. I actually spent 2 years outside of the wealth management industry (technology consulting), and I missed it so much, it’s what brought me now to Capital Group | Home of American Funds.

What are some of the development programs Capital Group offers for new graduates?

Capital Group has a rotational program for early career students who have a desire to be in distribution (sales). These opportunities are located in both our San Antonio and Indianapolis offices. We focus on recruiting, hiring, retaining, and developing talent within Capital Group. We have created a mentoring matters program, where both early and late-career individuals are paired with another associate in a different part of the organization to help navigate the professional world.

For college students who have not decided, we also hire over 100 interns every summer in marketing, distribution, operations, data science, and portfolio analytics. These roles span all across the country, and you get experience and introduction into the Wealth Management industry all while getting paid.

Claim your free spot at the upcoming Symposium today and explore the significance of dispelling misconceptions in the financial planning industry, along with insights on increasing diversity, by reading Luis Rosa’s Q&A.

Kristen Nelson

Kristen Nelson is a relationship manager at Capital Group. She has 23 years of industry
experience and has been with Capital Group for five years. Earlier in her career at
Capital, she was a national site sales manager and an institutional relationship
specialist. Prior to joining Capital, Kristen worked as a senior customer engagement
manager at Appirio, a Wipro Company. Before that, she was a senior operations
manager at Oxford Financial Group, Ltd. She holds a bachelor’s degree in business
administration with a concentration in management from the University of St. Francis.
She also holds the Project Management Professional certification. Kristen is based in