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What I Wish I Knew About Networking - Q&A with Senior Manager, Business Enablement Shevawn Jester

Our November Forum, “What I Wish I’d Known About Networking,” featured industry experts that shared their experiences and some helpful tips for both students and career changers about networking. Shevawn Jester, Senior Manager of Business Enablement for RBC Wealth Management, was unable to join our live panel as planned, but we’re happy she still shared her advice for networking successfully within the industry in this Q&A.

What is your best tip for networking with others in the industry?

My best tip is to not only network up, but network down and horizontally to learn as much about the organization as possible. You never know where individuals will land throughout their career.

Can you tell us about a time networking had a positive effect on your career?

I started building a relationship with my boss’ manager and that led to a senior leader sponsoring me and recommending me for a stretch project that really opened the door for me to get exposure within the organization and actually ended up propelling my career.

Can you share any tips for networking in a digital world?

Don’t be afraid to utilize the tools available to you to keep your connections active; LinkedIn messages, Zoom coffee chats or even Zoom happy hours ☺

What are some ways you like to network outside of traditional networking events?

I heavily rely on virtual meetings and text messages to stay connected to my network.

Shevawn Jester is a Senior Manager, Business Enablement at RBC Wealth Management. In this role, Shevawn drives business priorities and diversity, equity and inclusion initiatives by creating connections between business leaders, the firm and the community.

Since entering the financial industry in 1999, Shevawn has held a series of positions with increasing responsibility. She started in an operations position, then advanced to project management and data analysis roles, and then to her current role, which combines her passions for connecting people and working with diverse communities.

Shevawn is currently in the second year of the three-year executive development program for financial services professionals with the Securities Industry Institute (SII) at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania.