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April is Diversity Month

April is Diversity Month

In April, known as Diversity Month, we have a chance to celebrate the rich variety of cultures in our global community. At Diversitas, we’re dedicated to helping young people and career changers succeed in inclusive industries. While the discussions around diversity have gained traction in recent years, a substantial gap persists, particularly at the corporate and board levels. Shockingly, while “43% of people of color occupy entry-level positions in the banking industry, only 9% of C-suite roles are held by men of color and a mere 4% by women of color.” Diversity Month serves as a poignant reminder to embrace and value diverse cultures and perspectives, ultimately enriching our collective journey.

What is Diversity Month?

Created in 2004, Diversity Month was created to celebrate the unique differences among us, with the goal of fostering genuine respect for the influence of our cultures on others’ experiences. This month encourages the recognition and understanding of our variances, including gender, race, ethnicity, faith, and sexual orientation, among other aspects, while acknowledging our shared human essence. By valuing both our similarities and differences, Diversity Month aims to promote a deeper comprehension of others, irrespective of their identity or lifestyle. It also underscores the importance of increasing diversity in the workplace and academia.

How Can You Celebrate Diversity Month?

Irrespective of your location or heritage, numerous avenues exist to commemorate Diversity Month:

  • Engage in cultural exchanges and conversations.
  • Explore different cultures through movies, books, music, food, and art.
  • Support businesses owned by minorities.
  • Stay updated on global news and happenings.
  • Connect with people from diverse backgrounds.
  • Maintain respect for individuals of all origins and ethnicities.
  • Act as an advocate for diversity and inclusion.

Diversity in Wealth Management

Since 2017, Diversitas has hosted an annual financial knowledge symposium, uniting leaders in financial planning and wealth management with influencers and students interested in the field. Throughout the year, we organize Forums and other events to promote awareness and education regarding inclusion within wealth management. These events offer underrepresented individuals in the financial planning profession insight into the vast opportunities available in the industry while also facilitating important dialogues about creating a more diverse future.

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