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Embracing Diversity in Wealth Management: Career Opportunities Beyond Traditional Roles

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A Financial Services Career is More Than Planning

At the 2024 Symposium, Sherri Trombley, the Director of Advisor Services Business Consulting and Education at Schwab Advisor Services, and Jalina Kerr, the Head of Advisor Experience at Schwab Advisor Services, led a keynote session on the state of the wealth management profession. 

Susan Rupe, a managing editor for InsuranceNewsNet recently wrote an article highlighting the insights that Sherri and Jalina shared about career opportunities in the financial services industry beyond traditional roles like financial planners. 

Together, they emphasized the need for various skill sets including marketing, HR, and CPAs within the industry. Trombley expressed surprise that Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) is one of the fastest-growing career fields, yet remains relatively unknown among college students. 

“We need marketing, we need HR, we need CPAs – it’s not just planners,” Trombley said. “There’s such a wealth of opportunity in this field.”

Kerr described RIAs as a rapidly growing segment within financial services, each with its own unique business model. They emphasized the importance for RIAs to find, cultivate, and retain talent to fuel their businesses and maintain client relationships. The article concludes by underlining the significant growth opportunities within the RIA sector.

“Advisors tell us their biggest opportunity is in finding, cultivating, maintaining and retaining that talent they need to fuel their businesses and fuel the stickiness of their client base,” Kerr said.

To learn more about what Sherri and Jalina spoke about watch their full recap or read their recap blog to learn more. You can read the full InsuranceNewsNet article here.